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Spanning the Pakistan market for a decade oasis has been a pioneer, providing unmatched services to the discerning traveler, both within the country and abroad.

our great strength lies in our values and our experienced people who meet the challenges of a fast moving and growing travel industry with a view of providing the best to our customers. 
Oasis by the grace of Allah has serviced various sectors with dedication. our experience is our strength we are not here to compete in this only journey we are here to provide the right choices when it comes to your demand right from your doorstep we will cater to all your needs be it Airlines Hotels, transport & Meals we will leave no stone unturned to offer you peace of Mind.
Travelling on business can often be chaotic.Hectic be disturbed with the slightest change in plans.That's why Oasis supports you with the right tools & responsible service to make it easier.Our business travel experts can help you with all types of itineraries including booking flights